The Journey Om begins…

Harness your own powers to let go of the mind and trust in the heart. How can you be more receptive to what the universe has in store for you without being pulled by forces that feel obligatory and uncomfortable? Through daily practice, meditation and journaling in this beautiful and safe space, explore the gifts and blessings that are already within you. Let go of the chatter and invite your authentic self to open up and take in the magical beauty of pura vida in Nosara, Costa Rica. 

Be curious to see where your heart takes you from there and explore…

  • Emotional heart versus spiritual heart
  • Obstacles in front of the heart and how to navigate them with grace
  • Being receptive and surrendering to what is, without feeling defeated or indifferent

Let your heart lead you to Pura Vida…

Discover Nosara, Costa Rica during a 6 days/5 nights retreat full of yoga, adventure, food, and relaxation with enough time and space for your imagination to feel free to roam wherever your heart desires.

Do you know what else awaits you there? Discover all there is to explore from the mountains to the beaches… With the luxury of time for  6 days and 5 nights you will explore the world within you in a peaceful setting through daily yoga practices, as well as free time to contemplate and reflect through meditation and journal writing. You will also open your eyes to the majestic world around you with a new tribe of friends as you fly on the zipline, play on the beach, hike to a waterfall, and restore by the pool. 

What will you come away with? From the beautifully balanced time between meeting new people and giving space for your own introspection, you will bring home with you the feelings of being more positive and connected to your heart which will lead you to follow it on a new path of a more authentic you. 

Take a break and change your scenery as you travel to a world of vibrant bright blue skies, crystal waters, and luscious green jungle vegetation. Open your eyes to new experiences each day that take you slightly out of your comfort zone that will unlock new ways of thinking and feeling. Have fun while smiling & laughing through challenging times as you explore new terrains in your yoga practice.

Why this retreat is for you…You are so ready to discover new ways of connecting to your heart, breath, and mind. You are open and receptive to see where curiosity wants to take you on your next adventure.

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Venue & Cuisine

Venue: Costa Rica Yoga Spa in Nosara, Costa Rica. 

Hang out with the inquisitive howler monkeys in the jungle as you look out across the ranchland and Pacific ocean during a spectacular sunset.  Costa Rica Yoga Spa is a secluded retreat center in a private location just for our tribe to play and explore. The Jungle Lodge complex includes hiking trails, a delightful dipping pool overlooking the ocean and jungle canopy, a poolside lounge area, and plenty of hammocks for down time. It is the perfect backdrop to feed your inquisitive soul. 

The double/single occupancy suites are beautifully designed with decks of ocean views from the second floor. The quad rooms and bathrooms on the first floor are spacious to accommodate guests quite comfortably.

Services include laundry service, free internet / WiFi, maid service, and other amenities to make your stay even more enjoyable.


Be prepared to be amazed and surprised daily by the healthy, vegetarian, all organic meals that are prepared onsite by the friendly staff. Meals are family style to encourage the family tribe vibe. New discoveries will be made with every tantalizing meal with delicious local foods, most from the onsite garden and made with lots of love. All meals are abundant with choices. A typical breakfast at CRYS will include homemade granola, fresh fruit, eggs and the typical gallo pinto. For lunch and dinners be delighted by delicious filling salads and other creative vegetarian dishes. Another special treat: the juices and teas that are made daily as well. Our favorite from last year’s retreat was the turmeric and ginger iced tea.

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The Delights

New discoveries and a new world await you…

11856468_849227588493671_4790818742457461270_oBegin your journey meeting new friends around the table to set the intention to soak up every moment of your expedition, some will go as fast as blink of an eye and others last a lifetime. Every day will begin with a morning yoga practice that will take you deeper into your heart and open you to the possibilities of the day that lies ahead.

Every morning after a delicious breakfast we will make our way to the beaches of Nosara. During your free time there, take a surf lesson, snorkel, play in the sand, swim in the clear blue waters, or perhaps find joy under a cabana with a book.

We will alternate our afternoons between setting out on exciting adventures and allowing ourselves time to restore with quiet time for journaling and meditation.

11864741_849229041826859_2723429536296243397_oOn our first day of adventure, we will soar from mountain to mountain on the zipline. Let your voice get lost in the jungle as you scream with such abandonment and excitement. Learn how to fly upside down with a friend and feel the delights of finding such freedom!

We will hike to the waterfalls where you can slide or dive into the pools, give yourself your own mud spa treatments, and get hypnotized by the cascading sounds as you sunbathe on a rock. Take the time to do whatever your heart desires to ignite your mind, body, and soul.

When recovering from all the adventures, rest well as you cat nap in a hammock, cool off in the pool, or meditate in the yoga shala while you reflect on your time away from the chatter of daily life.

We will end each day together with an evening practice that will complement our day of adventures and relaxations, then followed by a family dinner together to discuss all of our findings and discoveries.

Our final evening together, we will gather around the table at a very special dinner at Playa Pelada for sunset with our new family.  Reflect upon our new experiences with friends to take back home which will enlighten our lives with a fresh perspective. The friendships cultivated during this special time together will last forever.

You will take the journey back home with a greater sense of connection to your heart. You will forever have the fond memories to look back upon this time of rejuvenation as a result of all the new discoveries and friendships that you shared. 

Meet Your Teachers, Samantha Fulton & Stephanie DeMartini

image2Samantha has been curious and drawn to both movement and spirituality since childhood. The practice of yoga captured her over a decade ago, and it continues to be an invaluable teacher and tool in her life. She is also a physical therapist, and has worked with all ages and walks of life to facilitate healing and wellness in the lives of those she works with. Her physical classes are rooted in alignment and stability, while allowing the space for curiosity, self exploration, and playfulness. Her interpretation and commentary on yoga philosophy is down-to-earth, light-hearted, and applicable to the average person and parent turning the wheels of life. Samantha has been teaching group and private yoga in the Hudson Valley for over 7 years, and is so excited to meet new friends in such a special place like Nosara.


img_4928Stephanie first fell in love with yoga when she moved to the Hudson Valley, New York from Brooklyn and found Tadasana Yoga Studio. She had always been a “gym rat” but once she hit the mat she knew that yoga was the discipline she needed and craved. As an experienced high school teacher she jumped at the chance to be able to combine her love of yoga with her passion for teaching. She is Yoga Alliance certified and teaches various levels and styles of yoga, including Vinyasa Flow and Hot classes. Stephanie visited Costa Rica Yoga Spa in 2014 with nOMad founder, Phoebe Miller. She was so impressed with the space and the atmosphere while being a student on a retreat that she jumped at the chance to lead one on those very same grounds.

Stephanie believes that yoga is a journey; a way of life. It allows a person to understand the connectivity in all things– every one of us is on this Earth together and we affect each other in ways we may not see or understand. Through yoga, one becomes more in tune to the interconnectedness of all beings and she thinks that gives life purpose.

In 2015, my nOMad retreat to Yelapa, Mexico was an out-of-this-world experience. I loved the theme of the retreat, “Simplify your Life,” and the short readings that Phoebe chose for each yoga session reinforced our intent. Between the yoga, exploring this beautiful paradise, hanging out with new friends, there was still plenty of time to reflect and distill the important from the superfluous.

-Bibi Hahn (nOMad retreats Costa Rica 2014, Mexico 2015/nOMad Online Studio member since 2015)

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