The Journey Om begins…

“I’ve never had less of a plan in my life than I did upon arrival in Bali…” –Elizabeth Gilbert from Eat, Pray, Love

No need for you to plan anything, just book your ticket and come with us, we will take care of the rest for you. All you need is to be ready to dive into a whole new world where everyone greets you with genuine smiles and flowers in their hair.

As you get the taste of the Balinese arts, culture, and rituals, you will be whisked away somewhere way beyond just a beautiful place to practice yoga on a vacation. Having one of the most magical landscapes as your backdrop, the peaceful Balinese lifestyle will teach, inspire, and transform you in the most holistic way possible.

Your time in Bali will give space to reconnect with your own inner rhythms and become harmonious again with nature’s heartbeats. Get lost in the meditative sounds, movements, and ceremonies of the Balinese to find to a new destination within your heart.

Discover the rhythm of the universe…

“The sound of the universe is so spectacular around here. In the evenings there’s a cricket orchestra with frogs providing the bass line. In the dead of night, the dogs howl about how misunderstood they are. Before dawn, the roosters for miles around announce how freaking cool it is to be roosters…Every morning around sunrise there is a tropical birdsong competition, and it’s always a ten-way tie for the championship. When the sun comes out the place quiets down and the butterflies get to work.” –excerpt from Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love

Throughout recent history, Bali has been nicknamed the Island of the Gods. This could be because of all the divine beauty the senses intuitively soak up or the authentic loving-kindness the Balinese are known to express to all walks of life or perhaps it is their devotion to the divine that is practiced daily through rituals and ceremonies that makes this place so sacred. Most likely it is all of these things. However, you won’t know until you experience it for yourself.

Feel the sacred humming of the universe, move with the rhythmical phases of the day and night, be a part of it, become one with this mystical place.


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The Venues

“Religious ceremonies are of paramount importance here in Bali…Life here is a constant cycle of offerings and rituals…The whole idea of Bali is a matrix, a massive and invisible grid of spirits, guides, paths, and customs.” -excerpt from Eat, Pray, Love

Both of the properties we will visit will give you a deep look into Balinese life; from the slower paced customs in a small village to the faster paced roads in the city of Ubud. Both will be enlightening experiences for you to take home.


Floating Leaf Eco-Retreat

Floating Leaf

On the first leg of our journey, we will unwind, restore, and reconnect at Floating Leaf Eco-Retreat located in a small traditional Balinese village of Sukawati. This peaceful property is surrounded by an abundance of rice fields and the ocean views which is a short walk away. This eco-friendly gem will be your home for the week as you practice yoga, learn the sacred rituals of the Balinese, eat delicious organic local Indonesian cuisine, and relax the mind, body, and soul in the healing pool. Once you get a taste of Balinese life, reset your own rhythms to take home the Balinese life with you. Want to know more about Floating Leaf? Take a look for yourself here.  

Yoga Barn-Ubud, Bali

Yoga Barn-Ubud, Bali

The Yoga Barn

If you decide to extend your visit to Bali a little longer with us, we will stay at The Yoga Barn, a sanctuary that is tucked away in the bustling city of Ubud. For the last three days, you will have lots of free time to transition back into the faster paced rhythms of life. In your free time take a yoga class, visit the Sacred Monkey Forest, attended a dance performance, go to a temple, spoil yourself to a spa treatment, or go search for special treasures to take home…Whatever you do, it’s your time to discover. Explore all that the Yoga Barn and Ubud has to offer you here. 


Dates for the retreat at Floating Leaf are September 2-8, 2017. Extended dates for retreat at Yoga Barn in Ubud are September 8-11, 2017. See rates on our registration page.

However you long you decide to join us on the journey, it will be exactly the right time for you to re-discover yourself through the practice of ritual and bring back home a purified inner you…

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The Delights

Each day will be like a gift for you to unwrap that will reset your own equilibrium…



During the first 7 days, begin your days with a cleansing yoga practice led by Phoebe. You will be guided through a sequence each day that will build upon the last one to unlock places that yearn to be rediscovered, set free, and return you to your core balanced being.

Enjoy delicious healthy organic meals every day with new friends.

Days will be spent exploring Balinese life; attend a temple purification ceremony, participate in a Balinese dance class, learn how to make a traditional daily offering with flowers, and visit a Balinese artisan village to observe as they work on their various crafts.

There will also be plenty of down time to relax by the healing pool or take a short walk to the the sacred Full Moon Beach (there is good surf there too!), treat yourself to a spa treatment, read a book, or just ‘zen’ out on your own.

Your time will be yours come back to balance.

In the evenings, we will come together again for a restorative/meditation practice to unwind even more and end together with a thoughtfully prepared dinner.

If you wish to continue on to Ubud for the last three days, your schedule will be open and free to keep your own rhythm moving in the direction you want it to go; jump back in to the city speed by shopping at the local markets to find special treasures or hideout on the property to keep the slower paced vibe going with daily yoga classes offered throughout the day at Yoga Barn. Whatever your heart desires, it will be there for you.


Meet your nOMad Leader, Phoebe Miller

IMG_4149  Hello friends! This is where I get to share with you my story. I was inspired to begin this nOMadic journey in 2013 after a year full of obstacles. I decided to live out a dream of marrying my two passions, traveling and teaching. I have always been a firm believer in finding opportunity for growth from all of life’s gifts, so I packed up my life and went for it. I am grateful to be building a tribe of nOMads from the ground up now with a thriving Hudson Valley yoga community, a growing global online community, and bringing you all together on retreats around the world.

My teaching focuses on the importance of alignment, breath, and mindfulness. Through the teaching of asana in a supportive and playful atmosphere, you gain a more profound understanding of you own body and mind. My teaching inspires that through practice, patience, courage, and compassion, yoga can open a world of greater possibilities and deepen the connection to one’s core being. With over 15 years of teaching experience, I am so honored for the opportunity to witness your experience as you discover your own rhythm and humbled to guide you on your journey to a whole new world.

Have more questions? Reach out to ME!  

“I am so grateful to be a nOMad!  Phoebe has been one of those teachers who’s lessons stick with you long after the yoga class is over.  I joined her on her first nOMad retreat to Costa Rica. I find so much comfort and belonging in being a part of the online tribe- meeting others with the same like-mindedness. Thank you for being here for us!  We are lucky to have such a motivated, compassionate and thoughtful yoga business at our fingertips, encouraging us always to be our best version of ourselves.”

-Lori Beers (Costa Rica retreat 2014, Online Tribe member since 2015)

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